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bard-barrister. 2021 Medium-Writers-Challenge Honorable Mention Recipient —

(An Acrostic Poem)

What kind of country is this really?

I was in court yesterday trying to stop yet another slew of evictions. Most of the tenants are fine for now.

That’s because while I was in court, I received a text announcing that President Joe Biden extended the CDC Eviction Moratorium one more month. This is the last extension…

White Supremacists, Of Course.

“Education leads to enlightenment. Enlightenment opens the way to empathy. Empathy foreshadows reform.” — Derrick Bell

Way back in 1995, Derrick Bell, one of the key players in the Critical Race Theory movement, wrote about the attacks on the movement from many different ideological spectrums.

This is back when CRT…

A Short Story

After the eulogy, prayers, the sweet soothing ritual of a choir moaning, I rose from the front pew of the Kennedy Street Adventist Church where I had sat for over an hour and took my place beside the casket which held my longtime friend, Pablo Enrique Sanchez, Jr.

Six of…

Time To Boycott the State For Its Jim Crow Voting Law

“I Can Make The March And Make Georgia Howl…” — General William T. Sherman

Last time I was in Georgia, I stumbled upon a Black Hair show at a fancy downtown hotel in Atlanta. Atlanta was booming back then, as it is now. …

Malcolm X’s ‘House Negro-Field Negro’ Rears Its Head Again

“Black People is White Supremacy…” — Amiri Baraka

Amiri Baraka, the late, great Black Arts poet, once called Condoleeza, a “skeeza.” It got a big laugh every time he rolled it out. …

I love your writing, T Wise, but thing over Dave Chappelle, is just going to sort itself out on the Stand up stages. Not on social media. Your article, well meaning, doesn't convince me otherwise. And Richard Pryor is the GOAT again, by the way,

Can History Absolve Him?

I wrote a poem about Colin Powell years ago. It is on Medium. It is not a kind piece. Colin Powell is a disappointment for me as a leader. As a human being I bet he is a class act.

But my view of Powell will always come down to…

Piece recalls the Chester Himes absurd, satirical novel, Pinktoes. He makes fun of the race issue in the book like this as well. If only Black men and White women could hook up, the race problem would go away is the absurd joke of the book. Here's a link

brian g gilmore (bumpyjonas)

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