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White Supremacists, Of Course.

“Education leads to enlightenment. Enlightenment opens the way to empathy. Empathy foreshadows reform.” — Derrick Bell

Way back in 1995, Derrick Bell, one of the key players in the Critical Race Theory movement, wrote about the attacks on the movement from many different ideological spectrums.

This is back when CRT…

A Short Story

After the eulogy, prayers, the sweet soothing ritual of a choir moaning, I rose from the front pew of the Kennedy Street Adventist Church where I had sat for over an hour and took my place beside the casket which held my longtime friend, Pablo Enrique Sanchez, Jr.

Six of…

Time To Boycott the State For Its Jim Crow Voting Law

“I Can Make The March And Make Georgia Howl…” — General William T. Sherman

Last time I was in Georgia, I stumbled upon a Black Hair show at a fancy downtown hotel in Atlanta. Atlanta was booming back then, as it is now. …

The Architect Of the Anti-Critical Race Theory Tomfoolery Is In Demand

According to a spokesman for “The Devil,” (yes, the actual Devil), the Devil wants to improve his image. And he wants Christoper Rufo, that hot conservative writer-consultant to do it.

Rufo, using some obscure TV host named Carl Tuckerman, is trying to take down Critical Race Theory but can’t because…

brian g gilmore (bumpyjonas)

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