The early days of Trump’s rise foretold the hate and disorder to come with solid help from conservatives

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Photo Credit: French Newsreel

The Nazi Germany invasion and takeover of France in 1940 has many parallels to America when it elected Donald Trump in 2016. According to Caroline Moorehead in her book, ‘A Train in Winter,’ when the Nazis took over the city many of the famous French intellectuals fled south to a free zone in France. Some Parisians stuck around and some had no choice as they were part of the establishment.

On the other hand, the far right, the conservatives, many of whom were also in fear as the Nazis approached, returned to the city, ready to accept the benefits and perks of Nazi power. A fascist dictator who was breaking all sorts of acceptable norms had taken control of a solid piece of the country and the right was perfectly fine with throwing the left and liberals into the Seine. …

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It is like in those action thrillers or horror flicks. The protagonist has finally found a brief moment of peace from those who are pursuing her or him. She or he is safe for just a second.

In 1984’s Terminator, the respite occurs when Reese and Sarah Connor are in the parking garage. They have survived the first relentless battle with the Terminator and he explains to her exactly what is happening. It only lasts for a moment.

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That is what today feels like. That is what it is. Respite.

There Are Bright Lights in Politics 2021

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Cori Bush — Twitter

I only heard the word “white supremacy” and “white supremacist” twice during the lengthy House hearings to impeach Donald Trump. Once, it was from Rep. Cori Bush, from Ferguson, Missouri.

She got booed from some in gallery. I suspect those were white supremacist Republicans who felt called out for supporting an unapologetic white supremacist.

If Biden don’t give you a sense of a voice, a reason to stay engaged, Cori Bush does. Does not mince words. Focused on people and not profits. An activist, and former nurse, she gets it.

Watch her moves in the common months on the key issues. Track her speeches and what she supports. Like AOC, and some others. Even if a law passes, check out her take on it. …

Every 100 Years Is Like The Previous 100 Years Somehow

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Department of Special Collections / McFarlin Library/University of Tulsa

This year will mark the 100th Anniversary of The Tulsa Riots of 1921. This was when a lie was used by white supremacists in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to burn down a prosperous Black city in America.

Perhaps as many as 300 Black people were killed, 10,000 were rendered homeless, and 35 blocks of a city was laid to waste. The cause? — White supremacy.

It was also back in 1921 that James Weldon Johnson became Secretary of the NAACP. Marcus Garvey’s United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) was surging in popularity and had more members than the NAACP.

You could probably say Black people, in America, had no faith in their country back then but they did (and do) have to survive and carry on. …

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Michael Gilmore — Copyright © 2020

Cartoonist, Michael Gilmore Foresees Trump’s Future

The GOP Today Has Nothing To Do With The Party’s Founding History

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John Wilkes Booth —

Of today’s Republican Party, the writer, Mitchell Jackson recently wrote in Esquire Magazine: “…I do believe the present version of the Republican party is out-and-out undeserving of Black support.”

“ In fact,” Jackson adds, “Black folks who support Republicans in light of their long train of abuses and usurpations do so at the expense of justice for Black people at large.”

Most of the older Black men in my family, at least those born before 1930, were Republicans. Many other older Black men when I was growing up were also Republicans.

It used to be not so strange. Now, there is tension at this idea of being Black and a Republican in the Trump era of the party. …

Hitler was tossed in jail in 1923; his ideas lived on and won

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Business Insider

And Adolph Hitler went to prison in 1923. He was arrested in a failed coup and spent a year in jail. His Nazi Party was banned for a short period of time in Bavaria.

But, 10 years later, he was in control of Germany. We know the horror of that mistake for millions of people.

But his ideas won the people over.

Racist, genocidal ideas. But also, nationalist chatter and German pride. Germany as victim, as exploited and economically degraded after World War I. Hitler’s agenda to restore Germany economically and in the world resonated.

Poet Haki Mahbubuti has said that ideas run the world. They do. This is why ideas are important now. …

If Only the Celebrated Writer Were Alive To Witness Today’s Moments

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Photo Credit: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders


Toni Morrison died in 2019. She didn’t witness the death of George Floyd or the global response. She also wasn’t around to see all those Confederate memorials come tumbling down this past summer.

Nor did she witness the following:

  • The tackling of the son of jazz trumpeter, Keyon Harold by a white woman in a hotel after he wrongly accused him of stealing her cellphone.
  • The other shootings of Black men which almost go unrecorded now they are so normal (but not normal).
  • The killing of Breonna Taylor. The cover-up of that death.

Morrison warned us all of the hatred of the “other” and how it would continue to poison all. Her steady hand, and wise and willful voice, is missing right now. …

Will Antetokounmpo’s Loyalty Pay Off One Day for Him and Milwaukee?

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One day, Giannis Antetokounmpo will win an NBA Championship. He will win it in Milwaukee.

He is one of the best players in the league and his game, if you understand how it has developed, has much space to rise. I applaud him re-signing with the Bucks. I am pulling for him.

He is not Kevin Durant or LeBron James but soon, Durant, and King James, will be gone from this league. Giannis doesn’t need to own it but he won’t have to worry about those two.

You can throw Kawhi Leonard in that bunch as well.

Since 2012, Kevin Durant, LeBron James or Kawhi Leonard have been “the” star that lifted the Larry O’Brien trophy at the end of the year and put their team on their backs in the Finals. …


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