Naomi Osaka preparing to light the Olympic flame, to start the 2020/2021 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games — Photo courtesy, Olympic Games website

(An Acrostic Poem)

What kind of country is this really?

Image — Hubert O’Grady — Public Domain

I was in court yesterday trying to stop yet another slew of evictions. Most of the tenants are fine for now.

That’s because while I was in court, I received a text announcing that President Joe Biden extended the CDC Eviction Moratorium one more month. This is the last extension. July 31, 2021, the check becomes due.

I interrupted the judge to advise him of the extension. Even the judge was happy to hear the news. It was just six days away from the expiration of the moratorium and the system was about to wreak havoc on many people. …

White Supremacists, Of Course.

CRT Founder, Derrick Bell — Photo by John Chapin

“Education leads to enlightenment. Enlightenment opens the way to empathy. Empathy foreshadows reform.” — Derrick Bell

Way back in 1995, Derrick Bell, one of the key players in the Critical Race Theory movement, wrote about the attacks on the movement from many different ideological spectrums.

This is back when CRT, as it is now known, was only known to law students, civil rights lawyers, legal scholars, and curious researchers and readers.

Bell’s article, Who’s Afraid Of Critical Race Theory? is one of the most important ever written on the topic because it is independent thought and most of all, it…

A Short Story

Photo — Jose Antonio Gallego Vasquez

After the eulogy, prayers, the sweet soothing ritual of a choir moaning, I rose from the front pew of the Kennedy Street Adventist Church where I had sat for over an hour and took my place beside the casket which held my longtime friend, Pablo Enrique Sanchez, Jr.

Six of us in dark well starched black suits and pearl white funeral parlor issue gloves followed Pablo’s casket as it was wheeled down the middle aisle of the church slowly while the final remnants of the gospel standard “Last Mile Of The Way” hummed triumphantly from the church organ.

At the…

Time To Boycott the State For Its Jim Crow Voting Law

Universal / courtesy Everett Collection

“I Can Make The March And Make Georgia Howl…” — General William T. Sherman

Last time I was in Georgia, I stumbled upon a Black Hair show at a fancy downtown hotel in Atlanta. Atlanta was booming back then, as it is now. I was on my way to Louisiana and decided to lay over for a few days with my family.

It was a joy to see the hair show; I even ran into a few barbers I knew from D.C. and one hairstylist as well.

I had Fried Chicken and Waffles when I was there as well. Visited…

Dethorne Graham’s Case Was Not Just Another Traffic Stop

Family Photo — Dethrone Graham (as appears in media outlets)

Dethorne Graham had diabetes. He had taken his insulin that day 34 years ago but he had not eaten. He feared he might go into diabetic shock so he had a friend stop at a store so he could get some orange juice.

Mr. Graham entered the store but the line was too long. He decided to leave and try another store. His hasty departure and his blackness got him racially profiled. A police officer saw him leave in a haste and pulled Mr. Graham and his friend (Mr. Berry) over.

Then the following happened, according to the official court…

Conquering White Supremacy Where It Lives and Breathes

Student, Elizabeth Eckford is walking to school at Central High in Little Rock Arkansas, 1957; Eckford was one of the “Little Rock Nine,” Black students who desegregated the all white high school (Wikipedia Commons)

This month, as school returns, we celebrate again ‘The Little Rock Nine.’

On September 24, 1957, “the Little Rock Nine” desegregated Little Rock’s Central High, an all-white high school in racially segregated Arkansas.

They walked through a sea of white prejudice beginning September 4, 2021, and risked their lives for the cause of equal justice. You can see the sickness of racism in this photo, mainly in the face of Hazel Bryan.

Bryan is in rage in this famous photo. She is yelling. Elizabeth Eckford just wants to go to school like any other human being. She wants to attend…

(For Michael K. Williams)

Photo Credit: Screenshot via Warner Bros. Television/HBO

we will stick to the code, tonight michael k. grieve our own way.
watch the shows again, watch you shine. digest your lessons & laugh
at your lines.

like warm soup & hot tea that is the cure. the feeds are still lit up with
your smile, your style. every time i go to atlantic city i hope to come

across you. don’t even think about nunckie & them bums, sewer scum. & every time i am in baltimore i am sure i saw you peeking out a boarded up storefront.

tell stringer we all said hey. we promise to…

The Supreme Court is ridiculously backward.

Photo by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition on Unsplash

The target is women.

That is the goal. Not just reproductive rights. But women. As human beings.

Just as they want to strip the rights away from Black people in America again, they hope to strip women of their ability to be fully human.

Reproductive rights are part of the plan. Kill reproductive rights, privacy, abortion, however, you want to frame it, that is the goal. If a woman cannot plan her childbearing life, she is not a person, a full person with human rights.

Yet, next on the list after Roe v. Wade is overturned, which has been the…

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