A Witness List For the GOP

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If the GOP really, really wanted to find out what happened regarding the Ukraine, even though multiple witnesses have already told us what happened, these people would be part of their witness list. Check this one by a random Washington Post commenter:

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Pretty decent, if you ask me. Those guys know. Under oath, bet they take the fifth, or perhaps, drink a fifth, and head for the airport, never to return:

Yet, what the GOP asks for is Hunter Biden, who has no knowledge of the call to the Ukraine or why it was made, and the whistleblower, who legally need not come forward, at all.

But this is how far this place has drifted into the marsh land. And you also have to wonder: Congress’ duty in this impeachment inquiry is not to establish the guilt or innocence of Trump. It is to put the facts before the members of Congress and let them vote on whether an impeachment trial should be held. This is, in effect, the probable cause phase or the process, the grand jury. Evidence is being provided that will then be presented to congressional members who will vote on whether there should be a trial.

The GOP is acting the same manner that the famous Ferguson prosecutor acted and the prosecutor in the Tamir Rice inquiry acted. They are intentionally trying to obstruct the investigation. It is unethical, and corrupt, and dishonest, but we all know, we are long past of the point of integrity in the U.S. We are somewhere in the area between dysfunctionalism and an actual failed state. Ok, hit it Joe:

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