America as ‘Chile’ (Authoritarian Riff #1)

Maybe the United States is headed towards authoritarianism and we are in denial. Like what happened in Chile. Maybe what has happened is the pretty predictable result of carelessness by everyone who lives here. Now Donald Trump, the outlier from Queens, the most incompetent, and dysfunctional politico to hold the highest office in the history of the nation, is now in power and it is he who enjoys the by-products of our own self made hysteria of 9–11 in America. The bombing took lives and ruined lives but the aftermath, the Patriot Act, the Islamaphobia, and hate, all of it, has made the country easy pickings for authoritarianism. Each day someone keeps saying we won’t let it happen, we won’t. The jury is still out.

We know the story of Chile under Pinochet. It was ugly. Is this where America is headed if we don’t begin to think about things differently? Do we really want that? Or is inevitable?

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