Bernie Sanders, Redux

The day before Bernie Sanders announced he was running for President again, Senator Kamala Harris responded to someone calling her a Democratic Socialist, in part, with the following:

“…I am not a Democratic Socialist…

Harris’ rejection of the title, I am sure, will be rejected by most of the Democrats if not all. They are afraid of their own legacy of being aligned with socialist ideals.

A few days after Bernie announced Elizabeth Warren announced she was in favor of reparations for African-Americans. The reaction to Bernie has begun. Most of it, of course, says, don’t vote for him, he’s a socialist.

But truth is who gives a damn what people are, in actuality. Am I afraid of titles? Nah. Am I afraid of socialism? Nope. My grandfather read the People’s Daily World. I am Black, of course, but socialism don’t scare me. It shouldn’t scare black people collectively either. If a socialist is elected, the struggle continues. Self determination. Total liberation. That struggle is separate and apart from the political banter of the United States.

So I am glad Sanders decided to run. The current discourse is soft and lacks engagement. Sanders might have no chance. He should receive the same once over that everyone receives. His entry will make the other candidates — long time Democrats — react. That is good.

Way back in 1988 when Jesse Jackson was pushing a very progressive agenda for President, won 7 million votes, and the Democrats pushed him aside like fried gizzards, Sanders was a strong supporter of Jackson. He was a socialist then and is a socialist now. Jackson’s agenda — much of what he proposed to implement— was socialist.

Sanders is, of course, white. Sanders is as many have said, “an old white guy.” Does that also eliminate him? Nah. But it does place him under heavy scrutiny. Yes, and it should. But the campaign has begun. Let them all come forward. Let them all take their shot now. How about an engaging rich campaign of real ideas and proposals to help ordinary people and not the corporate class for once?

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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