Bob Dylan & Red States

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After Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature last week, I suddenly wanted to see him in concert. I am not fan of Dylan. I have mad respect for Robert Zimmerman, of Minnesota, but I am not a boomer, or the son of a boomer. I am too young to remember him from the 1960’s and other music stars, and singer songwriters captured my attention long ago.

But now I do want to see him perform once. Sing “Like A Rolling Stone” or “Watchtower” or “Tambourine Man” or just see him. See that he is real. But where?

So I checked his tour schedule and immedately I was struck by how his current tour dates weave right through Red State America.

His next two dates, October 19 and 20 are in Texas, Lubbock and El-Paso. He then goes to Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Kentucky and West Virginia soon follow as well as Virginia, and South Carolina. Of those states, only Virginia appears to be “blue” but Bob Dylan soldiers on. The man who gave you “A Times They Are A Changin’” and who has come to represent the dissent of the 60’s lyrically as a folk singer for the masses more than any other living singer, is bringing his ouerve to Red State America.

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There are no dates coming up as this crazy election arrives in Blue America. No concerts in California or Seattle, or the suburbs of Washington D.C., and nothing scheduled for the Amtrak corridor, where limousine liberals make their fortunes.

Perhaps Bob Dylan is performing where he belongs. He is supposed to be a singer-songwriter of the people. In Red State America, there is trouble and disillusionment amongst other things. Many feel as if their own country has betrayed them and they are being tossed in the garbage bin. Change has come to America swiftly and these states wonder what it means. Maybe Dylan is the guy to tell them in his own way, concert by concert. Of course, that is a complete unknown.

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