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So imagine if you was selling a product and the government passed a law that said everyone, and I mean everyone got to buy it. Just say, you was selling bicycles with heart monitors on them and the government said, everybody got to buy one or they get penalized. If you was a company that made them, you would be happy right?

Yes. That is the health insurance companies when Barack Obama, President of the United States, signed the Affordable Care Act. The health insurance companies was happy. Now, a new 30–40 million people had to buy their product and if they could not afford it, the government was going to pay for it. BOOM !!

This is why each time Paul Ryan and Trump or any other GOP fake news/climate change/Ayn Rand backwardness/neoliberalism promoting acolyte says that the health insurance companies hate the law, I laugh. They like the law but what they mostly like is cash.

Of course, Ryan and Trump now have backed themselves into a drunk corner and are saying they will — “Repeal and Replace” the law. They just want to make sure the 20 million customers that are on the new law and dig it, don’t get screwed.

We all know Ryan and Trump don’t give two cents about these folks. Don’t fall for that. I think Ryan, who is already shaking in his Wisconsin boots, should repeal the law and stand like a man for what he say he believe. Stop it with the “Repeal” and “delay” while we figure out how to replace. This is corny and cowardly. You voted like 40 times to repeal it when you had no ability to repeal it, and now you are scared to just repeal it and take your lumps.

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Here is what America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the leading health care insurance association said to these bamas this week:

“Any changes to the market rules, mandate, or financial assistance after
premiums are set for the plan year would significantly disrupt coverage and care and would cause private financial losses for households and insurers."

AHIP also dropped a list of demands on Trump and his crew that sound like the Affordable Care Act provisions that are most important. Stuff like keep the subsidies for low income individuals, continue to get young people to sign up for plans, explanations on Medicare expansions in the near future.

Translation: We making paper. You better get this right or that’s your ass. You can repeal whatever you want, but not our money.

Now Ryan has been in Washington way too long. He probably drinking Mad Dog 20 20 these days he is so worried about how to fix this. Trump, I bet, don’t care.

It is also interesting to note that AHIP said they are looking forward to working with Tom Price and have a cooperative relationship. You know, Tom Price, Trump’s bad ass nominee for HHS Secretary. Do that sound like they are worried he will shut down their gravy train?

Like I said, the government passed a law that said we all had to buy their product. It came with some strings but 20 million times monthly premiums of say $400 -$1000 per month is a lot of cash. Do you actually think the insurance companies will climb on board with drunk ass Paul Ryan and drink his Ayn Rand concoction before they know how they will continue to get paid like that? Do you?

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