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So before I go, today’s hit from the bong goes like this:

Dr. Zhivago hacked our election. And sent some Democrats to the unemployment line. Or ‘prolly’ just the lobbyist line. Where they will make more paper anyway twisting arms that need little twisting.

Pretty tired of the we got hacked line and the GOP don’t care from anybody because I don’t care. The GOP has never really cared anyway. They are cyborgs. They need their chips changed.

The DNC, as I get it, and as broken down by Esquire, was warned in 2015 that the Russians was coming. They didn’t jump until it was too late. Now they are shivering in the cold wondering what might have been.

But the worst thing of all is an autocrat is in charge of the government. A neoliberal narcissist. Those DNC folks who got hacked won’t bear the brunt of that madness policies and incompetent agency heads, we will. The common man and woman trying to make ends meet in a pretty bizarre country right now.

Folks on the DNC crying about this should take this as a lesson: hack before you get hacked in politics. And one they heard before: stop bringing knives to a a gunfight. If Trump actually had Putin in his corner and Putin did the deed, you just got outflanked on the political battlefield. I am pretty sure no Democrats cared when Joe Kennedy (it is said) fixed the election of 1960 and sent Richard Nixon out shivering in the electoral wilderness.

Democrats (and we can devote more time to this later) have been inept for awhile now with the exception of Barack Obama’s historic run. In 1992 and 1996, Bill Clinton had the benefit of Ross Perot tagging along as a third party spoiler, not to mention, Colin Powell decided not to challenge him in 1996 (he got Bob Dole instead). And need I stress, Clinton wasn’t all that anyway; he started this slide into the neoliberal creek by Democrats. Strike One.

In 2000, Al Gore lost to a ridiculous candidate named George W. Bush. In 2004, John Kerry got switfboated and lost to the same joke of a candidate named Bush. And then we get Obama who kind of showed people how to run a campaign: pound the opposition like you are Larry Holmes pumping jab after jab into your opponent’s skull. Obama did it twice. But Obama’s mistake was he hired the Clinton crew and they and other bums like Joe Liebermann and Ben Nelson threw any progressive agenda in the Atlantic Ocean. Clintonism Strike 2.

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This year, the Democrats ran a completely tainted candidate and lost to a malcontent of a person, someone who has no business running anything despite what people might believe about his business prowess. Strike Three. Democrats are out.

So here we are. Headed into the same kind of uncertaintly the nation was in back in 1981 when another celebrity type, Ronald Reagan somehow got elected. We survived but the social and political carnage was vast. Parts of Black America have still not recovered from that. Can I repeat that? Parts of Black America have still not recovered from that. Alright, let me take that bong hit now.


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