FDR not walking in that door. Harry Truman, LBJ, Barbara Jordan, Ron Dellums, Tip O’Neil not walking through that door.

Moynihan !! Daniel Patrick Moynihan not walking through that door. Edward Kennedy, Howard Metzenbaum, Mario Cuomo not walking through that door.

You get the picture now, huh. Democrats is looking around the room for folks ready to lock and load politically (not violently now) on the bama that just got elected. Keith Ellison, of Minnesota, looks like he wants in the game, as does Obama’s Labor Secretary, Tom Perez. Bernie Sanders is totally in the game but he is not a Democrat but is a big figure now. In 2018 if Trump has riden the country into the creek, the shouting will begin for Sanders to run mano a mano against Trump in 2020 but that is a long way off.

And that is Bernie anyway; who is the Democrats “Top Five” in the spirit of the Chris Rock movie? Lets kick this around a bit.

I got Bernie in there. He might not be #1, but he is in there. How about Martin O’Malley. Governor got some game but not sure. Let’s lay him to the side right now.

Elizabeth Warren. Yes. So we got Bernie and Elizabeth Warren. Who else? Sherrod Brown? Jerry Brown (Governor of California)? Donna Edwards. Jamie Raskin.

All cool folks but in all honesty, Democrats can’t fix this one alone I bet. We need political storm troopers, people. Prolly some non-Democrats but let us hold off for right now. I challenge you to name members of the Democratic Party who can fix their party, kick Trump’s ass out, and do some real work that is about real people. They need to step up now like Obama emerged in 2007.

Who you got, locally, nationally, anyone? Name names.

Alright go. . .

In the meantime,

Bobby Kennedy not walking in that door. Shirley Chisolm not walking in that door. Joe Rauh not walking in that door. Fannie Lou Hamer not walking in that door…

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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