If the Republican (the GOP) bums who now run the nation repeal the Affordable Care Act when they get into office, there is only one response from all of us if we have any guts: lock and load at the ballot box in Novermber 2018 and vote them to exile. Vote them all out. Even if you view your representative as a good person, you have to send them to the showers, as in baseball. The urge to save any of them would be self-destructive. Just send a strong message.

In additon, get active. Get loud. Write commentary for your local newspaper, print, or digital. Lay them fools to waste for their anti-human votes. Truth is this is the anti-human party. The only humans they fight for are not even born yet. Those of us already here are now subject to their backwards policies on climate change, health care, education, criminal justice, housing, human services, and taxation. They are the party of “NO” still; they are just saying “No” to the survival of human beings and the advancement towards a more civilized world.

For too long now, the GOP has been slapped around a little but never got their holy ass whipped. November 2018 is time to knock them the F out. They have repeatedly destroyed the economy, run up the deficit, put lives in peril, only to have a Democrat ride to town and fix things up a bit. Then, the public, delusional, and ignorant, rewards them again and again for their policies that continue to transfer massive wealth to the already affluent using race, class, and fake ass moral pronouncements to advance their diseased positions.

Second Tuesday, November 2018 is the moment to send the bums packing. This time, for real. For a long time. Take your ass back to your decrepit home and swallow that ass whipping. That is how it has to be.

Fact is, there is no proof, or evidence that their policies actually work especially supply side tax cuts which is the evil of oligarchs. Anyone who still believes in it is either a criminal or a liar or both.

So in November 2018, when it is time to vote, pretend the GOP is Gerry Cooney and you are George Foreman (see above). And between now and then pound these fools everyday. I mean pepper them with jabs, hooks, right crosses, and upper cuts. Do Like L.L. Cool J said many years ago. Get involved people. Send they asses packing:

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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