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And like the GOP and the guy from Queens leading their leaky boat, the Democrats, as well, should be put on notice: resist and obstruct or face explusion from the political scene. Seriously. Be a take no prisoners resistance party willing to go to the mat over core issues or be gone.

Word was during the ‘ig-nant’ campaign that the GOP was dead or close to death, yet, they rose up like a hobo from the gutter and now are in full control of everything. The Democrats, on the other hand, famous for aiming for modest goals, negotiating badly, and being afraid to crash and burn in order to win the deal, lost badly, as they have for awhile now. The only real victories they have had is when the GOP stumbles drunk, like some wino leaving a bar, before the whiskey has worn off. Like when they shut down government for instance.

But the Democrats have little to do now but one thing: Obstruct. If you can Obstruct, do it. If you can sue the bama from Queens, sue him. If you can embarrass someone, leak something politically lethal to the media, the foreign press, or someone willing to jack up the bama’ plans, do it.

This goes the same on the state and local level: obstruct, delay, obstruct, delay. If it is all you’ve got, it is all you’ve got. If you can win by delay and obstruction, you should do so. The system needs dramatic change and agitation but not from just one side, from everyone.

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Here are some specific examples:

  1. gets voted on.
  2. All cabinet nominees get treated like trash.
  3. No new legislation gets voted on (that needs 60 votes to invoke cloture).
  4. All executive orders are subject to lawsuits.
  5. All attempts to do anything by the GOP is subject to obstruction and political warfare

Does that sound insane? Yea, it does. That is what they did to you for 8 years. Obstruct delay, obstruct, delay. All day, everyday, President Obama was treated like he was a nobody and so was his party. You say you are the party of inclusion and diversity. Now’s your chance to show everyone. But come on now, don’t bring anymore knives to the gunfight. Bring the noize, like P.E.

Here’s some more advice too. Stop harping about the New Deal, and FDR, and 1933. Those were great programs but think big and think like your core voters think, like it is 2017.

  1. Debt free college
  2. Universal health coverage
  3. $15+ minimum wage
  4. End mass incarceration
  5. Carbon tax
  6. Commission to study guarantee basic income for all

This is not an exhaustive list but here is the analogy. Go in a cafe and order a steak sandwich. They come out with a bologna sandwich. You eat it anyway. You should say, you know, I actually did order a steak sandwich. I want it. They will come back with something else.

Point is, if you come in with low offers and accept them, you won’t get much. Come in and think big, even if they don’t give you exactly what you want, you will be closer to your goal. Asking to save the New Deal at this point, is a minimum. But you need more, have to demand more; otherwise, you are useless as a political player. Step aside, and let and Anarchists, Social-Democrats, and Progressives punch the GOP in ‘they’ mouth. They know how to do it. (I think)

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