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Some dude I know say that we already at the point of no return regarding said climate change. Meaning. Climate is going to radically change no matter what we do (and this is agreed by even drunk scientists) and our only hope is to survive it or learn how to adapt. He, the dude I will not name, called it the Sixth Extinction event. I gots to be serious; it sounded like the Book of Revelations and so I just prayed on it.

Okay. Now for the good news.

China called Trump out today. Said his charge that they invented climate change is so ridiculous even Ronald Reagan and George Schultz knew the deal going way back. In fact, according to sources I know personally who was smoking weed outside the Chinese Embassy today when China dropped their science on Trump — they dare the guy to kill the Paris Climate Change deal. The whole world gonna laugh at him and his crew. The world not into campaign hocus pocus; the rest of the world, is facing truth cuz they know.

Summation: Trump’s hoax number sounds good in middle America on the stump speaking to the disengaged but in a room full of well read political leaders, with reports, and information, and conclusions by the smartest people in the world, it sounds idiotic. He can go with that plan if he wants but it will crumble like a cake with the wrong ingredients.

I guess those of us who still believe in the human race will need to look abroad for some direction and push back. We shall see. Climate change is a hoax? Maybe the election of this guy Trump will one day be deemed a 4 year hoax. Pass the popcorn.

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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