“we don’t need another hero. . . “ — Tina Turner

Okay, so this bad ass poet songwriter named Gil Scott-Heron, who died years back told y’all what the election was about long time ago. Gil penned the poem/song, ‘B-Movie’ in 1981 and told the world, why the white people voted for Ronald Reagan. They into “nostalgia” say Gil, they want to go back to the “good ole’ days.”

Ronald Reagan came to save America at the last possible moment say Gil, and so we got that guy into office, and 8 years later, the rich had even more of the world’s wealth, the poor was poor, the middle class was sliding down into the financial abyss, and we had a lot of bombs and guns.

This fake mogul guy who is now Prez is mo’ of the same. The Reagan Democrats of Michigan? The ones who got Reagan elected even though he sold them down the river? Oh yea, they voted for the mogul. The rich fat cat GOP folk? Of course, they voted for the mogul. And the working class, most of whom, ain’t workin’ nowhere of any note, yea they voted for the mogul too.

They all want it to be 1946. Black folks was in they place. Latinos wasn’t so populous. China and Japan was nothing economically. It is nostalgic nonsense because that world unless someone goes on the purge like Stalin is no more and will never return. But we all know people vote emotion not reason. The mogul should have been sent packing like 88 times.

I gots no way of knowing what’s to come. I think this election result is beyond stupid and always will be no matter what happens. My move so far? Yours truly tried to get a job in Canada but haven’t yet (I can’t work at Tim Horton’s by the way). That has been my only response.

Gil Scott H say it best years back in his poem: this ain’t really life, ain’t really life, ain’t really life, ain’t nothing but a movie (keep repeating that). Only problem is, it ain’t. It is real, it ain’t 1980, dude’s name ain’t Reagan, and this dude is so inexperienced and delusional, this is like a blind man changing brake pads on an automobile.

Good luck. (keep rocking that Gil)

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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