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And so now we know. The fake mogul from Queens just mooned the doubters. Told them he for real crazy. Archie Bunker in the house, in his chair, asking Edith for a brew. George Jefferson should come in and smack him. Turn the chair over.

Here’s why:

For Attorney General, mogul say he want Jeff Sessions, of Jim Crow Bama, who is basically KKK so I have been told to be the guy. How I know? Google Jeff Sessions and “racist” and see what comes up. For real though, this is old news. Sessions is against the Civil Rights era in total. He a throwback to the days of Bombingham. It is as if Bull Connor is now Attorney General y’all.

Can I say now loud and true to those who said we should give the guy a chance (Hillary, Obama, etc.), and those liberals spinning this like Jon Stewart, etc., to go jump in a creek; we got this one this time. The chance for a country of all of us is over and has been over. Unity? I am laughing now.

Word to the wise: opposition to the fake mogul should be fierce from here on out, his agenda, all of it, opposed, win or lose. The media should be in attack mode, not cover mode. (But this won’t happen)

There is nothing surprising here. I remember 1980 and Ronnie Reagan played the race card and won. This looks no different. Poet guy I know said after the election that, yea, I guess America is that racist. Yea, it is, peeps.

But folks was warned. Going back to 2014, folks was told, get involved, get engaged, vote the GOP out, they are a bunch of reactionary, anti-intellectuals who continue to stir a pot of broken, drunk policies from an ancient time. Yet, people stayed on their phones, worried more about their data plans than their voting rights, and allowed one political party to keep the government bogged down for 7 years now. It is a study in racist ideology as governance and policy.

On the real, I ain’t surprised. This is America. White supremacy rules the streets and it can make the multitudes wake the hell up. Trump tossed out some hate; the haters came to drink they vodka and lime.

Jon Stewart say, we are trying something hard here, we are trying to build a multiracial, multiethnic democracy. Sorry, Jon. Don’t see it. This election showed us what is up here. This is America; I don’t know what it is.

Finally (for now) That whole working class revolt message? Stop it. Yours truly has many white lawyer friends who said they was voting for the fake mogul. None of them is broke. They got paper. The fake mogul had the right racial message. That was all (and he was a man). None of them ever worked in a factory or lost a job from a coal mine closing. None of they lives changing cuz of the fake mogul. This narrative, more than any of the other spin jobs a foot, is the most clever. I would argue that this one is a delusion. Folk wanna believe that America is not a depraved racist nation. Sorry, it is.

Just remember, Jeff Sessions is going to be the nation’s #1 law enforcement official. Google Jeff Sessions and 1986 and see what comes up.

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