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Another day, another f’d up Trump appointment. I don’t need to name any names like Elia Kazan once did but here is the basic rule: if Trump nominated someone to serve, the pick is a disaster. I mean why not Don King for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; Don, as I recall, could handle guns and cigars with the best.

But in all seriousness, all of Trump’s nominees are neoliberal hacks. Ideological chumps with a passion for greed and inequity. Neoliberals are a strange specie of human anyway; they want to privatize everything. Education, health care, climate issues, housing, even water, turn our water supply over to the oligarchs and let them provide. This is the toilet we are in today.

Neoliberalism, of course, has always been here but it really dates back to the Reagan years. We used to call it “laissez-faire” until it was exposed as morally bankrupt and destructive. Yet, the ideology, has endured, and eased into power in the post-civil rights period and everyone got in bed with it like they needed a heroin fix.

The Clinton era was a neoliberalism period (perhaps the most significant because Democrats gave up the fight against ‘laissez faire’). The Bush era? Drunk neoliberalism. The Obama era? “Neoliberalism lite” (he got some good stuff done but was surrounded by Clinton hacks so progress was muted and is now likely about to be chopped down like a redwood).

Now with Trump’s election, we are in danger of losing total control over the entire pursuit and commitment to “a society” (as defined in the negative by Maggie Thatcher) because a businessman (a bad one at that) runs the country now. This is “the” political abomination that got lost in the election.

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Trump, the protestors screamed, is a racist, a sexist, a misogynist, an Islamaphobe, a liar, a con man, a hater, and all sorts of other things. They forgot he is really just a no account neoliberal. Most tragically, those who have now made an unholy alliance with him are neoliberals and so we might have to resist much harder than we think.

Paul Ryan, and his crew of ideological pimps are neoliberals. They think privatizing everything in the name of Ayn Rand (who died while on welfare) is the path to a fair and just society. It is, of course, an immoral, reckless and decadent political approach has been the road to ruin whenever it has been used. Our lives, in other words, have been turned over to corporate leeches.

Here is a tale of the tape: Department of Education? Betty DeVos, a neoliberal reject from Michigan. HUD? Looks like Ben Carson, a neoliberal madman from the medical profession. And just recently, Trump’s appointment to the Department of Commerce? Wilbur Ross, a billionaire investor, who seems like a cyborg created in a neoliberal laboratory.

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Only thing I am wondering is all of those bigots in middle America, rural areas, and in states with failed, outsourced industries (and jobs) who voted in waves for Trump based on his dishonest, empty rhetoric, how do they feel now? Don’t they know the whole point of neoliberalism is to produce a society of low earning, no benefit having, overworked, wage slaves? Did they actually think he was going to actually challenge the status quo of neoliberalism and drain that swamp? He is just bringing in his own miscreant neoliberals to swim in the swamp for another GOP money grab.

How can they (and we) all be this stupid?

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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