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Word up, people, Carrier AC in Indiana got $7 million in tax credits, and Trump got his B.S. photo op with his boy, Pence. And so Carrier is still part of Hoosier-America not part of Latin-America. At least for now. Stay tuned.

Some employees who still got their jobs probably got a selfie with theose two characters. Of the 2000 full time gigs Carrier was sending packing, they saved 1000. A bunch of other companies in the same town, however, are sending their jobs out of here quicker than you can say ‘Gloryhallastoopid.’ Maybe they should call Trump and ask for a parachute, you know like the one Carrier got courtesy of Pence.

Of course, lets be real. This is a crock. Trump is as misleading as ‘Yield’ sign that has been replaced with a sign that says ‘All clear always, don’t even check.’

This is what Trump really should be saying as he enters office and cut with the Hollywood production:

Your jobs are gone. No country took it. Technology did. In fact, many jobs over the next 40 years are on the chop block if you are a worker (hopefully, I will drinking whiskey by a beach before that happens). Am I making this up?

I wish.

OECD reports that automation will dramatically impact jobs globally in many different fields of work. Other studies report the same. Automation is taking jobs. Not China. Japan. Mexico. Korea. Robots. Progress. (Or is it, some ask?)

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And don’t just dis’ Trump on this one. Dis Bernie. Dis Hillary. Dis the President of the U.S. who rarely speaks to this issue. Dis’ your entire political class. They are not telling the truth and did not tell the truth (Hillary did to coal miners in West Virginia and she got crushed in that state).

Job losses (permanent) due to automation is not the elephant in the room like Social Security; it is the elephant, the octopus, and the boa constrictor. It sits there waiting to happen and the U.S. has not yet even talked about how the country must reckon with this coming change.

How will people earn a decent living and be able to put food on their tables? How will people be able to pay for housing, obtain medical care, continue to educate themselves, and most importantly, live a constructive, mostly happy existence?

Some countries know the deal. Switzerland is already debating a guaranteed income because they see the future? Paul Mason, in his brilliant book, ‘Post Capitalism,’ argues for a complete change of society to accept the different world that technology has made possible. It is a world of less work, more art and creative time, leisure, and less stress, if we make choices that face it and realize we are all in this together. If we go another way, have you seen the movie, ‘Escape From New York?’

Trump is in denial (or maybe he don’t read still). Or maybe he just need these photo ops to continue the madness that began last July 2015 when he announced his campaign.

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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