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Rick Perry just got the call from the new DC mob boss, Trump. He wants him to run the Department of Energy. This completes a cacophony of foul nominations, several of which are people who actually are opposed to the federal agency they will run.

Word on the street is they will drown these agencies in a bath tub or just close them down. If Democrats had any courage and guts or any other tactics we don’t know about, they had better get going now. And I don’t mean going to the floor of Congress giving corny speeches. Better tell your folks who are in place in the government to be vigilant, defiant, and tell Trump’s folks that line about a long walk on a short pier.

If seems if the fascists get their way, several long time government agencies will soon close down or be rendered useless. Here’s the scorecard: Jeff Sessions who is like Bull Connor is about to be charge of the nation’s agency responsible for enforcing civil rights. Rick Perry, anti-Department of Energy, looks like he will be running the Department of Energy. Betty DeVos, is anti-public schools, is in line for the Department of Education. And some other kook is in line for the Environmental Protection Agency even though he don’t even believe in climate change.

What’s the word? FUBAR.

Maybe we don’t need these agencies. Hell, EPA found out about the water problem in Flint, warned the Michigan DEQ it was doing it all wrong, and then did nothing else. The people of Flint kept drinking poison water. EPA officials, at least one, had to resign behind this madness. Perfect chance to do what you were created to do and EPA blinked.

The Education Department nominee, Betty DeVos, is a charter school and Common Core queen. But guess what? President Obama liked charter schools and Common Core as well. So how is she any different? Who will just say fund public schools in a real way, ditch charter schools in the creek?

On the other hand, Trump’s HUD nominee is a brain surgeon. No, that is not a one liner at a comedy club.

On the other hand, Rick Perry running DOE (Energy) is intoxicated confusion. The state of Texas, which he ran as Governor, is a massive piece of backwardness. Sure the economy was good, jobs were up (a lot of crappy ones), but 1/5 of the state residents have no health insurance (the national rate was 13 percent). Here is some more of it if you think he is not a drunk choice. Texas, in other words, is good for the rich, terrible for the poor.

On the other hand, the Trump nominee for EPA who is a climate change denier (I am denying he exists for his sake), is just ignorant. There is no debate about climate change; the only real debate is how bad it really is, and can it be fixed or slowed.

The strategy to change all of this is complex. Can these agencies justify themselves once the fiscal hacking begins? (Remember Reagan tried to defund agencies back in the 80’s but was fought off) Can the Democrats muster a strategy to engage young people to take charge of the debate and force accountability the way they want it to be? I am not so sure.

Me? I am for Herman Cain for Secretary of Agriculture. He used to run some pizza shops as I get it. The man must know food.

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