& today the nonsense regarding this election continues.

one of our duly elected soon to be Prez’s employees, a pollster, says his guy won because he is “post-ideological.” when i read that i immediately went out looking to cop some weed to get high it was so ignorant and self-serving.

if don trump is non-ideological, i am paul mccartney of the beatles. trump is a white supremacist. he played that ideological card from the beginning and it worked because that is what this place is. white supremacy is the most dominant ideology in america today.

trump is perhaps the most ideological president in history. the others have been faking in other words.

reagan? he professed his ideological affinity for white supremacy by launching his campaign in philadelphia, mississippi, scene of perhaps the most vicious crime during the civil rights movement: the murder of three civil rights workers, two of them white in 1964.

george h. w. bush? he did willie horton ads.

bill clinton? sistah souljah moments.

but regardless of who you name, all of our esteemed presidents are (& have been) white supremacists. even prez Obama we can argue upheld the ideology because how in hell could be reverse hundreds of years of ideological madness & policy. he can’t.

trump’s guy is engaged in crazy spin. the whole post campaign has been spin since the guy won this thing. this idea that poor whites got trump elected. no. whites got trump elected.

this idea that people were disgruntled with elites so they voted for an anti-elite guy. yea, and he has turned around & nominated millionaires and bankers to mind the store, most of them white guys.

from the jump, i said, this is a drunk election. it had a drunk result. it shall have a drunk period of governance. the spin is drunk. the spinners are drunker. i am not drunk so, let me call the weed man.

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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