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Yea Yea, so the fake mogul brought it home. He run this dump now. God help him. Trump? Good luck. You gonna need it.

Don’t surprise me. I goes back aways. I understand this place. Black folk once again tied they selves to a losing wagon. And here we be; where we seem to always be, under the thumb of someone who think we slaves still.

We used to run our own numbers. Had our own baseball clubs and leagues. We had restaurants, boutique shops, schools, churches, liquor stores, shoe repair shops, all of it, a whole community, and we gave it up to hitch to somebody’s wagon. All we got now is our churches. We don’t run no numbers no more. We ain’t got our own businesses on streets we police ourselves. Police run our streets.

Complain all you want. Need to go for your own. America don’t belong to you. You don’t own nothing. Got to build your own world. Want your children to learn. Do like Booker T and build some schools. Want your children to get clean water? Buy up the land and houses and demand they provide it because you own it all. Want grocery stores, and shops in your hood? Open your own. No one gave us nothing ever. No one ever will. We got to make our own way again like we always do.

Am I for separation? Integration? Coalition. Yes Yes. But we got to come to the table with something first. Let us ease out the door and do for self. Integrate into ourselves. Clean up our space and then come back in the door.

Why is some dude who built casinos in charge of your lives again? Cuz you think you own America, think it belong to you. It don’t. Only thing belong to you is your soul and your people. Think about that before you go hang out with the wrong crowd again.

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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