“Calling all black people. . .

B Movie

You could get high on Donald Trump’s quotes and proposals if you are a real bigot, or susceptible to bigotry. The guy never ceases to amaze. Months ago, it was close the border, deport 12 million people. Build a wall. Keep them out. Them. Like the book. Or was that a movie?

That line got old real fast. Sure, the hardcore still have Trump’s back. They still think the U.S. is in decline because of the 12 million illegal immigrants. Must be the bong water they are drinking that advanced that view.

Not to be outdone, after the attacks in Paris, Donald Trump upped the ante. Now, he says, we need to not just keep Muslims out of the country; we need to track them in a database.

Gil Scott Heron is so needed now.

Donald is kind of like the new Reagan. The cowboy. Maybe he is Urban Cowboy though that is inaccurate. Urban Cowboy was no super hero coming to rescue white working class males from the invasion of people of color sneaking over borders with or without bad intentions. But he is framing himself as coming to the rescue.

Gil Scott Heron, the late poet, said that Reagan came and was elected because America loves nostalgia. The glory days. When they gave the world hell (we still do in many places). Reagan was exactly what the U.S. wanted. I cannot fathom the same conditions exist as back then but some think the country needs to be taken back from a Muslim President who is anti-American and has ruined their lives. That guy’s name is Barack Obama.

Trump is running for President with that as his template. If Obama did it, he is against it. That is how he frames his message. Considering nearly half the electorate approximately would never vote for Obama ever, he immediately has a lot of votes.

For now, listen to Gil Scott Heron if you are worried. Let us not make the same mistake twice. Reagan was a disaster for black people. Trump is as well. Trump is, well, a disaster no matter. We are not starring in a B-movie unless we want to star in one. Tell your friends to register to vote. Tell your friends to tell their friends.

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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