Chauvin Trial #1

Poetry Inspired By the Trial For Justice For George Floyd



Courtroom sketch from a video feed of the proceedings.Photo by REUTERS/Jane Rosenberg

The Opening Statement by Jerry W. Blackwell was riveting. It set the stage for a powerful case against ex-police officer, Derek Chauvin

Then the defense revealed its approach — George Floyd killed himself. He was essentially already dead.

He was an addict with heart disease on the verge of death. It’s absurd. I wrote this poem:

chauvin trial #1

& john wilkes booth said

he shot abe lincoln in the back

of the head but for real abe

had a massive heart attack

just seconds before booth

pulled the trigger & leaped

the balcony, broke his leg.

if only booth were wearing a

camera. if only people had cell

phones & recorded it all, if only

they had not burned booth in

that barn, surrounded like a

roach inside of rice. abe didn’t

take care of himself. worked

too hard, ate bad, too much

stress in abe’s life, abe, the walking

dead & we all know there is

a sure fire way kill a zombie:

shoot it in the back of the head

  • copyright 2021




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