Come on Ray, even Floyd Patterson would support Colin Kapernick

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Colin Kapernick has been white balled out the NFL. That is pretty clear now. One would think the black players would have his back. Nah. Not Ray Lewis. Lewis say: shut up, boy. Keep your mouth shut.

Floyd Patterson, the once heavyweight champion boxer, famously got called an Uncle Tom for not backing Muhammad Ali, during his Vietnam protest. I went back and tracked down a bit of the story and Patterson, I would like to believe, were he around today, would back Kapernick’s stance. Floyd even wrote a whole article in Esquire Magazine. Here is an excerpt:

The prizefighter in America is not supposed to shoot off his mouth about politics, particularly when his views oppose the Government’s and might influence many among the working classes who follow boxing. The prizefighter is considered by most people to be merely a tough, insensitive man, a dumb half-naked entertainer wearing a muzzled mouthpiece.

Patterson is quite eloquent in his article; his real transgression is he doesn’t take Ali’s side; he just explains why Ali caught hell for his stance.

This is not what Ray Lewis and others who have criticized Kapernick have been saying. Lewis, in particular, has been critical of Kapernick and spends his time diverting the attention to black on black homicide. It is classic accommodationism. Lewis would be wise to cease commenting. Stay in your lane, Ray. You are in over your head.

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