Dear BAMMA From Queens. Go Home.

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This is not going to get better. Nothing about the guy has ever gotten better. Ask casino workers or folk from Gary, Indiana, who he has shafted. I never was ever impressed or humored by the guy going back decades, people. David Letterman made eternal fun of him because he is a joke. Howard Stern did pretty much the same. I didn’t watch ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ once because I had no respect for him going back to the 1980’s when I first encountered him. He always struck me as a horrible person and incompetent on every level. He ran for office and I mostly warned people I knew who thought he was an exciting new phenomenon that he is a joke and a horrible human being. Each day, many of those folks are learning their mistake of voting for him. This is mostly on the political class though, not the average voters despite the more than 60 million who cast a vote for the guy. And the media. The Republicans have been a “lite” version of him for decades. Check #1. The Democratic Party is mostly useless and ran a horrible candidate against him. Check #2. And the media, desperate to survive and be relevant, coddled him and covered him from Day 1 with little challenge to get web traffic and profits. Check #3.

How do we get out of this one? Call Ghostbusters? Pray? Who knows. Dr. King is dead. Mandela is dead. All of the righteous voices are gone from this place who would call a sicko a sicko with credibility. The void of righteous opposition is being filled by hatred and stupidity. Take us there, Gil.

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