Democratic Rule Is A Hoax in the United States; White Supremacy Is Real

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Nearly every interest group related to the debate over the Affordable Care Act says don’t repeal the law. Doctors. Hospitals. Big Pharma. Health Insurance Companies. They, through their lobbying arms, have said no to a ‘repeal.’ The public is overwhelmingly against a repeal. Yet, somehow, someway a repeal remains in play. There is only one reason for this: the GOP don’t answer to the voters anymore; they answer to white supremacy.

The order from white supremacy today is repeal the law so we can get rid of any evidence that the U.S. had a black President once. Barack Obama was never the President. He doesn’t exist any longer. This is what is going on here. That is the goal though it is not obtainable. Of course there is the tax cut but that is gravy. The main course is repeal this black man from history. It was not supposed to happen. It did not, could not have happened (even though it did). So here we are:

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