Other than the local stars in Washington D.C., it was Dr. J., Julius Erving, who really made me obsess over basketball. I can still remember playing on trash can courts in the back alley and playing on many local blacktop courts in and around Washington D.C. where if I made a great play or if someone I knew made a great play, I would say — “The Doctor.”

He was mostly myth for awhile because played in the ABA but when he came to the NBA and the Philadelphia 76ers and became a start there, I always pulled for him and watched him unless he was playing my beloved Washington Bullets. I watched him through his struggles and victories and he will always meant more to be than Michael Jordan. I am enthused that someone art the Rucker, in Harlem was smart enough to film a bit of his moves and take a few photos.

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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