Eliot Ness and Impeachment

Eliot Ness wanted to nail Al Capone. Badly. He did nail him. He wanted him out of circulation and so he got his man. Why does this matter?

Motive. And facts. Which one matters most?

Motive is actually one of the more drunken defenses of Donald Trump by his GOP stalwarts. Because the Democrats have wanted him out, have always wanted to get him out of office, the current inquiry into the illegal and impeachable conduct of said D. Trump with respect to the Ukaraine has no credibility and should be dropped. How is that any kind of way to run a country or anything for that matter?

This is nonsense. It is not even an argument.

Motive, in other words, takes a backseat most of the time to facts. That is a real system. Here’s how Newt Leroy Gingrich put the ridiculous defense in his own scrambled mind:

“What you’re faced with here is a Democratic Party desperately committed to destroying the president. They don’t care what the arguments are. They don’t care what the facts are. They have an absolute deep, passionate need — I would argue a pathological need — to try to destroy the president.

Yea, it could be true, but you can’t argue with facts. Al Capone committed crimes and Ness wanted that ass in prison. He was obsessed with it if you believe history. And Al, we all know, was crooked and committed crimes on a regular.

Here, we have a lot of facts too. Newt’s guy is almost in the dock. As Ken Starr noted today, testimony today was terrible for Newt’s guy. There is, in other words, going to be an impeachment trial because the evidence is overwhelming that a crime was committed and there are multiple smoking guns. The dictator in waiting is about to be checked (even though he won’t likely be removed).

On the real, I am ambivalent about impeachment. The GOP will not vote him out. I am sure of it. They have their minds made up. They are so committed to this they are ignoring overwhelming evidence of guilt and we are not even at the actual trial stage (this is an inquiry into whether he should be impeached). So, I am mostly like, this is a waste of time. Move onto something else (what that is, these elected officials have not a clue).

But the message here is clear: motive? Yea, the motive is there. But the truth is there too. Facts. Just the facts, Dickens wrote. The facts here are strong. Now some music:

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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