Fifty Years Ago, Martin Luther King Jr. celebrated his last birthday…

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He was murdered in Memphis, TN, April 4, 1968 and America has never recovered from it. Currently, there is no moral voice in the world today to counter the naked, unapologetic racism, hatred, sexism, materialism, capitalist exploitation, and a love of violence that rules the day. Things are not moving forward in a positive direction at all. Many here where I live embrace the values I have stated above with love and pride. They love a world full of violence and hate.

This is the part of this vignette where I am supposed to post something hopeful, something uplifting I know. But I have nothing today. MLK is dead. Still dead. So, each of us must try to live better, be better, struggle harder, love more, fight for what’s right more, and oppose a world governed by wickedness, hate, violence, and the current racial chaos. Like Kool and the Gang asked many years ago, I ask it now —” Who’s Gonna Take the Weight?”

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