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  • Stephanie Wilson

    Stephanie Wilson

    Neurodiversity coach. Lover of the great outdoors and the lesser indoors. Hopeful communicator.

  • Brooke Sinclair

    Brooke Sinclair

    Executive Director of the By Our Blood Political Action Committee (PAC). Editor of The Blood PAC. Activist, Author, and Future Billionaire. #securethetribe

  • Gilbert Corliss

    Gilbert Corliss

    Novelist, self-studied in many sciences, theology, music, and art.

  • Tiffany Lewis

    Tiffany Lewis

    Midwest legal professional. My stories are true, actual experiences. What better way to share your memoirs than on this anonymous platform.

  • Gavriella Velategui

    Gavriella Velategui

    I am a retired mental health and craniosacral therapist, educator, and lover of life and learning. I write because it’s one of my creative outlets. Stay tuned!

  • R. Rangan PhD

    R. Rangan PhD

    Mindfulness enthusiast; Collector of stories; Storyteller in training and Observer of life’s small details.

  • Paul Knulst

    Paul Knulst

    Husband, father of two, geek, lifelong learner, tech lover & software engineer. Writing about projects and challenges in IT https://paulknulst.de

  • Rex Shadeseagle

    Rex Shadeseagle

    Author, Podcast Host, Public Speaker, Drug Prevention Specialist. My book, Know Love: A Memoir is now on sale https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09PM77J4J

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