Go-Go Band Trouble Funk Plans to Have Donald Trump Appear At a Future Show

We Dropped The Bom* on the MAGA Trump Crew — Now What?

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Yea, right. And they plan to play ‘Drop the Bomb’ and then bring him out.

Did We Drop The Bomb On the D Trump Crew?

Aww, D Trump Crew What You Gonna Do?

GTFOH. Hell No. He ain’t getting invited to no Go-Go show. Besides, he can’t dance.

Yet, I imagine if it did happen, before he could even walk to the front of the stage, a hail of tomatoes would rain down on him from a righteous D.C. Go-Go crowd.

It’s over, folk. On the real. He not only lost, he just cracked. The transition is on. Biden getting his paper. Trump throwing his away on drunk lawsuits.

Say What?

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