How America Can Save Itself

The January 6th Committee Hearings — Post Mortem — #7


Jamal, from Slumdog Millionaire,” — Film Studies Fundamentals website — Courtesy of Celador Films

America is at that point of no return.

Like in the movies, there is a point where the big problem in the film must be resolved. It is called “the point of no return.”

The hero must save the world, get the love of their life back, or something really, really big and important.

In the great film, Slumdog Millionaire, Jamal must get the last question correct to win millions. Only thing, he does not know the answer.

In America, the 45th President and his crew of goons must be prosecuted for what they tried to do after they lost the election. That is the problem facing the country and deciding the future.

The January 6th hearings have revealed the following to us now:

  • The overthrow of the government was planned.
  • The 45th President of the United States was involved in the planning and in ordering and encouraging all of the actions taken.
  • The 45th President was okay with a violent overthrow or just a plain old administrative coup through Mike Pence.

Here’s what we also know:

  • He didn’t care about anything or anyone so he broke the law.
  • His lawyers likely broke the law.
  • Some others who worked for him broke the law.

They all should be prosecuted. That is the only way America can save itself.

No deals. Nothing. Let the people decide in federal court in Washington D.C. if they should go to prison.

I am not going to take the cynical route on this one and just say, America is crooked anyway, who cares? Nah. You go with that, I find it meaningless.

America is like any country in the world. It is run by human beings. Human beings do terrible things, and they do good things. We are not above the fray. We can be competent as a country or spiral into degenerate conduct and watch this place speed up into nothing.

And don’t be fooled by the nonsense spewing from the pro-insurrection media outlets. Anyone trying to spin the actions that led to the attempted coup is part of the…