I Feel Very Sorry For Hillary Clinton, Really I Do, But the Blame Game is Tired…

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Because she should have ditched Bill right after he left office in 2001. She would have become Senator and likely Secretary of State. Maybe she had a better chance against Obama in 2008 without her hubby tagging along and calling Barack a “kid” down South. But, regardless, she didn’t need Bill anymore.

And politics is nasty. And most of the baggage she had to eat was Billy boy’s baggage. (She had her own, of course). And perhaps she could have found another more, pristine, “First Gentleman” for her White House. In other words, she got a right to be frustrated and mad (and sell them books, lady) but she partly made the bed she is in right now. America is sexist and cruel to women. Be angry, HRC, but stop blaming this on Bernie or some Russian voting B.S. And stop holding back the current shift to progressive ideals in your former party (y’all done, Hil) Move on. Hit it Jamie, T-Pain:

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