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Impeachment. Take A Pitch, Don’t Swing (and Miss)

Who isn’t for impeachment but a corrupt public official? Duh.

That said, stand down, on this impeachment chatter. You don’t have the votes. Reminds me of a poem that goes:

“Our impatience cost us fifty thousand tents.”

The idea is, you can’t try to attack until your goal is very likely to be achieved. Otherwise, you might lose what you have and not achieve your goal.

Fact is, there is a mini-agenda that has been constructed in this early campaign season. A cross section of candidates and elected officials are bringing this agenda together. Medicare for all or health care for all. Check. Loan forgiveness for college graduates with high debt. Check. Voting Rights reform. Check. Taxes on corporations and the super wealthy. Double check. Green New Deal. Check Check.

Yes, there are some other issues but these issues are dominating the discourse when those who push it, push it. This should be the approach rather than wondering about an ambivalent report by a DOJ controlled Special Counsel on possible Presidential misconduct. What did the Special Counsel really mean? Is it enough to impeach? Is it enough to indict for obstruction or campaign finance violations?

Do not fall for it. If the campaign becomes mostly about issues, and not Russia, the GOP and their standard bearer, DT, are toast in 2020. The tax cut last year was for the corporations and the very rich; everyone knows now they got robbed. The same corporations, who made off like they robbed Fort Knox, spent (and are spending) that tax cut on stock buybacks rather than investing in workers and research and development. Investors come first always, not people (workers).

So ignore this impeachment temptation. Got to win this time. Take a pitch like in baseball. It’s a ball outside. Not a pitch you can hit out. Wait. Let the discourse sizzle. Push the issues that can change your life. Take a walk on impeachment for now:

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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