In a more serious response, this is a good assessment of the state of things in America. The GOP is not facing reality though. Even their prophet, Milton Friedman said— there is no free lunch. And there isn’t. If you are going to slash taxes (revenue) like this, our bloated defense budget must go as well. If the poor, middle class, the working class have to lose in this deal, the defense budget is part of that. The corporate contractors who build our super structure defense systems don’t want to hear that but it should happen. If we are cutting, start there.

But also, the WEST is in austerity mode now and has been for awhile. The UK did the same. They basically eliminated large swaths of services. It seems a response to immigration if you ask me. We will not pay for people coming to our country. Yet, most immigrants want to work and earn their way and want their children to have an opportunity to become productive citizens in a more open society. They feel like the WEST offers that so they come to the WEST. The US needs workers over the next 30 years in order to dream of competing with China and India and other nations economically. Yet, our immigration policies are turning these workers out and sending them to Asia and other European nations. Our policies are ensuring the descent of the U.S. economically below China, the nation we seem most concerned about.

As for Grover N, I am at a loss why anyone listens to him. He bases his policy approaches on the 18th century. Not a good way to address government issues in the 21st century, where we are considering replacing humans with robots and have no plan.

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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