Instead of dealing with the messenger (Trump), the purveyor of racial hate and division, you dig in your heels and go after the objects of his hate and a writer who pointed out the hate. Kind of weak, if you ask me. Trump is a racist is an opinion based upon factual events and evidence. I will just cite a few of the more known moments in his racist career: he and his father denied black people housing in the 60’s and 70’s because they were black (they got sued, had to pay out much money); he — Trump called for the death of five teenagers in the 90’s (The Central Park Five, individuals, who have now been found to have not committed th crime and are fully exonerated) Despite the fact that he is now totally wrong, he refuses to just say, I was wrong, they didn’t do it. He — Trump — started the birther movement with President Obama (said Mr. Obama was born in Kenya) and later admits he basically made it all up. The incident go on and on and people keep making excuses for him. Racism is a powerful drug. Trump, his followers and supporters should realize, is the person most addicted to the drug; he keeps coming back to it because it works. Trump, in my opinion, has been a racist for a long, long time. He cannot shake the addiction because it is politically valuable. There are racists all across the country who respond to his speeches and soundbites.

Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

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