It’s a Gen-Z World

I could see it coming

4 min readNov 12, 2022
Two members of Generation — Z — Author’s photo

As the election got closer, I would stare out at my students (undergraduates between the ages of 19–22) and I saw a coy look on their faces whenever politics was discussed in class.

And I teach Law and Society classes so politics is always discussed.

I even looked at some students and they had grins on their faces and soft smirks. It was a sign of a political tsunami I thought to myself. But I let the thought go and said, I would wait and see.

When I asked them if were they going to vote, almost all of them raised their hands. They never said how they felt about any candidate. They had a secret though.

I remember the coy looks as the Gen-Z wave hit America this past Tuesday on election day. I kind of missed it but I remember the looks.

An almost certain Republican triumph was turned into a political disaster. Mid-term elections are always a chance for the party out of power to seize the baton and the discourse. The Republicans didn’t gain much at all.

Gen-Z rules.

Even one of my daughters, who is Gen-Z, and 20 years old, and voted, texted me and said —

“You’re welcome.”

She was saying that, but for the Gen-Z vote for Democrats and its dominance…




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