Looting — An Anthology

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Sergio Serulinko

It could happen in the U.S. Just what you are reading above. There is a certain arrogance that it can’t. There is some idea that if people tried to do this they would be stopped by someone. By whom? There are 40 million people who lost their jobs in the last few months. Yes, some of that was unavoidable. Much of it was easily avoided if there was a functioning government and actual leadership in the capital. It is said by Sergio Serulinko that the riots in Argentina occurred as a result of a “critical state of deprivation” brought on by “hyperinflation. “ Wages increased in other words but the price of everything went up nearly three times the amount of wages.

Richard Wolff breaks it down first and asks: who is looting whom in the current situation? The guy in the store getting a television or the corporations who make millions and still laid off a bunch of people only to give their shareholders another fat dividend

According to the Washington Post, the following occurred and is one example of corporate ruthlessness at a very difficult time:

And it doesn’t get much better. The combo of the coronavirus and then the killing of George Floyd on top of the killing of Ahmaud Arbery sent the country what amounts to another Red Summer. Protests assembled in 700 cities and were soon met with tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and all out attacks by militarized police departments. The National Guard came out in some cities. Curfews were declared. Only Bob Marley could describe it correctly. Or maybe the opening to the famous film La Haine:

In the early days of the unrest after the murder of George Floyd, Tamika Mallory, National Director of the Women’s March, broke down what looting really is in the U.S. Appropriately connecting racial injustice and capitalist violence and exploitation of black and brown people, Mallory’s speech is the one of the crowning moments of the protests so far. A voice of a mature and passionate activist for human rights in the world and in the United States. “America is the looter… Looting is what you do… We learned violence from you…” she says.

As Minneapolis protestors continue to occupy the streets, the President did weigh in on the looters with his now infamous remarks endorsing them being shot. Nothing was new about it either. It has been said before and unless something is done about the racial conditions in the U.S. and the economic conditions, we will be back here again one day.

R.H. Lossin put the question of looting like this:

That is consistent with Wolff’s view. And so we end with Wolff as he asked again, who is the looter and what should have happened? So watch, and then listen to LL Cool J talk about why looting and who is looting.

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