In the 1979 video, Margaret Thatcher, candidate for Prime Minister of England, is likable. She floats through the crowd and speaks to the ordinary people of her country with grace, ease, and humor. It is a contrast to how she would eventually govern. She would become synonymous with a changing of the guard in England but most of all, she was, in fact, victorious, and became the first woman Prime Minister of the U.K.

Hillary Clinton does not look so comfortable. At least not yet. She comes across as a human talking point. Everything she does feels scripted, rehearsed. Hey, say this today. And if he says this, you say that. All the more important, she does not come across as genuine. I do not see her floating through a crowd of working class women, laughing, shaking hands, looking and feeling at ease. Thatcher felt at the time that connecting with the working class citizens was the key to winning. If Hillary Clinton hopes to win the nomination of her party, and the election, she would be wise to connect with ordinary people, some kind of way.

Where Hillary Clinton is correct in her campaign is how she is not missing any moment to remind people how experienced she is at governance, or at least the issues that governments (the U.S. in this case) will confront. It is a wise choice even though it is boring. Margaret Thatcher ran for PM of the UK and was well qualified. She could speak confidently about the affairs of her nation long before 1979. She had paid her dues by the time the election of 1979 arrived.

The primaries will begin soon. In 2008 running against Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton stumbled early when she lost Iowa. She did not recover. By the time the process moved to the South, and the Black Belt (or voters), Mrs. Clinton was in a pinch. Mr. Obama is black and the voters there smelled history. Her husband made some unfortunate statements (his famous fairy tale speech) and Mrs. Clinton’s first run was over early.

Can she learn something from that? Can she engage voters like Margaret Thatcher did in England in 1979 despite her own conservative politics? Can she make history in a country dominated by men (always white men until 2008)?

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