Mainstream Media’s Favorite Freeloader Has Returned

Welcome to the sequel


“The President Drinks Lysol“ — (painting by Michael Gilmore, used by permission)

The 45th President is back!

He is everywhere again like in 2015 and 2016 and then for four years of political mayhem where he danced in and out of the media’s clutches as President.

Some of it was him and his shady posse of ex-criminals, fake politicians, and offspring. Some of it was the opposition. Number 45 was rolling along back in 2019 and looked as if he would win another term from the faithful.

Then Covid-19 dropped on his skull like a construction crane. And his dreams of four more years disappeared like cocaine off a glass tray at a party in Hollywood. When the smoke (I mean the coke) cleared he was trying to overthrow the government by osmosis and/or secret plots with his now expanded posse.

Yet he is back now. The media is happy. The revenue, I suspect, is flowing again like the Nile River.

Back in his brief rise to political glory, #45 created a massive revenue stream for the media folks. They admit it. They put him on the air every chance they could get. He was getting “free” advertising. Some have even alleged the media apparatus made him President.

On the other hand, a lot of white people in America were happy. He speaks up for us they were known to say back then. On the other, other hand, other white people despised what he was doing. He was dragging up the past, the ugly, racist, sexist, violent past of hate and division.

Then there were a lot of other people.

African Americans mostly despised him. The numbers bear this out. Hispanic-Americans, many of them, didn’t like him much either. But some did.

Viktor Pickard, writing in Ohio State University’s Origins publication described the #45-media relationship as follows:

“As Trump attacks the press — mocking and feuding with journalists, threatening to change libel laws, holding campaign events where reporters are corralled and roughed up — he still serves the media well. That’s because the news organizations covering Trump, particularly television news, are reaping incredible amounts of money from their election coverage. Cable news organizations are expected to make a record-breaking…