Mike Flynn Watching Tapes of Joe Tex’s ‘Microphone Trick’ in Readying for Trump Takedown Testimony

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So it begins. What we’ve all been waiting for, except for the 60 plus million who voted for the disaster of a human being and person that we live and endure each day. I am sure the zealots are depressed this morning. Flynn is getting ready to lock and load orally. Our system is not perfect. Our system has major flaws. But at some point, somebody has to find a microphone, avoid a long prison term and do a Kazan and name names. All is well for about a week. Is Flynn the John Dean of this time? Who knows and who cares? Drain the castle, Mike. And you better work on that microphone trick; this has got to look good. Check out Joe Tex, Mike(microphone trick begins at 2:25):

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