‘Money Isn’t Everything; it’s the Only Thing.’

Granted, I do not know much about Leon Cooperman. He is a billionaire. He worked his way up in the world. And mostly, he is a parasite, in the way, Charles Hamilton Houston, would call it. He once wrote a letter to President Barack Obama accusing him of class warfare. I am not sure of his point but in a country where 1 percent owns most of the country, there is a war and it is a class war. He has also called the N.Y. liberal, Bernie Sanders, a Communist, which is a joke of a statement. If only, most on the left would say?

Last week Cooperman did make some interesting predictions in an interview about the current pandemic. The working class and all ordinary citizens should find some positives here. I did. It is time for the masses again to push back against the parasites, is what I read. Cooperman says he is losing a lot of money these days. I doubt it. He doesn’t know what money is he is so rich. But here’s his list of changes to come:

Is he right? I think some of them are. Anyway, enjoy some music:



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