My Mama Says There Would Be Days Like, Mama Said (but maybe not like this)

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The first bit of blues came early. The U.S. Supreme Court, 5–3, (Kagan was recused) held that immigration custom officials can hold detainees indefinitely without bond hearings. It was a wallop to the forehead with a wooden log of some considerable size. Not sure what it means, but the fact that it was 5–3 said it was hopeless. It didn’t matter if Kagan stepped up, the case was toast.

Then the day got a bit better. In an employment discrimination case, a federal appeals court held that “sex” under the Civil Rights Act, means “sexual orientation” as well. This would sort of pave the way for a true expansion of the law where it needs to go. It was only an appeals court, so the issue is not over, but, for those us trying to move into the modern era, it made the day feel a little better.

But then there was the case about unions that might make you vomit; we will save that one for later this week. Cue the music, G.

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