Socialism For Corporations = America

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Last night, the POTUS, in his State of the Union address, exclaimed that the U.S. will never be a socialist country. Of course, I beg to differ because the U.S. is already a socialist country. It is just a socialist country for the rich and wealthy, especially bankers, and corporations (who are legally people we are told, with little obligations or civic responsibilities I should note).

Here is a quote I saw yesterday that expresses the usual thinking in the West on socialism in America:

“…socialism is nothing short of theft, it is the taking of money from those who have legitimately earned and rewarding those who have not earned with that money, it is a morally corrupt concept that relies on the doer’s providing for the non-doers.”

The quote was on a random You Tube site where the current N.Y. House representative, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was criticized for promoting socialist ideals in America. People like the person who posted that quote seem to forget the is the norm in America. Every aspect of the government is controlled and benefits from the taxpayer and the taxpayer loses.

Then there are big ticket corporate giveaways like the 1989 Savings and Loan Bailout, the 1977 Chrysler Motors Bailout, and the saving of General Motors and Chrysler by Barack Obama and the Democrats. Socialism, to most people, is poor people, welfare recipients, getting food stamps, or poor people getting access to health care. It is not a bank fleecing the country of trillions of dollars and the bank stockholders and presidents walking away with millions of dollars.

Remember, the biggest socialist giveaway of all — :

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But it is way more than just bailouts; it is the entire government is in lock step with the corporate world. Here is a to consider. In the meantime, pump up the volume:

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