Tax Cuts For the Rich Is GOP Theology; But their Church is Empty and Broke

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If I do get an actual tax cut, it is like $1200 per year (I’m assuming they mean net income coming in my pocket). That is $100 per month. $50 per pay check. I can get a tank of gas. One extra. Though I don’t need to drive more anyway. And I won’t.

Want to help someone like me? Pell Grants for college education. More of them available to us all. More assistance for higher education. Also, public utilities. Water. Electric. Gas. Funded and owned by the people. It is absurd we don’t own these. That was a money grab and we know it. We know what they do. Overcharge and threaten to cut it off if you are one second late. It is absurd.

There are more things they can give me (and us) but keep your freaking tax cut, (your virtual pennies). I am willing to pay higher taxes for free education, clean water, and affordable utilities. The world is changing fast and dramatically and the next generation will need to constantly educate themselves and stay in touch with what is going on. This tax cut is a money grab for the parasite class and a sell out of society again. They don’t need the tax cut; they just want it. For the truly rich, there is never enough money anyway. How much do you need? You can’t take it with you when the butcher comes, and he or she is coming one day.

So this, to me, is criminal. Ruthless. Tyrannical. Sick and inhumane. You don’t speak for me or any ordinary citizen accept the naive and miseducated. Zombies. . .

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