The ACA Repeal Again Proves The GOP Is Ruthless and Corrupt But You Know What?

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It don’t matter.

Democrats had their chance in 2009. They should have rammed through universal health coverage for the people. But they choked. They got too many sell-outs and Clintonites in their ranks for one. This is the lesson of GOP’s decision to behave like they are the Muslim Brotherhood (finally in power totally) and this is Egypt. Democrats, as the D.C. Anacostia philosopher, Peter Clare likes to say, bring knives to gunfights. Democrats passed a watered down health care law in 2010 affectionately known as ‘Obamacare,’ after having open debate, allowing amendments, etc., and they still got voted out of office for their actions. The lesson: you are going to get smacked hard so go for it all. Democrats like to feel good when they govern (they do govern); the GOP? They’re just corrupt, ruthless, and quite good at it. F feeling good; give me money and power.

Call your Senator today, I guess; but some corporation already owns them and paid them. Maybe you should start hoarding vitamins or something:

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