The Fair Housing Act at 50: “The Next 50” (#1)

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What shall the next 50 years of the Fair Housing Act look like? Let us hope it don’t look like the last 50 years. Let us hope that the nation will finally think of the Fair Housing Act as legislation of “restorative justice.” It should be about restitution. The nation invested billions of dollars into establishing suburban (racial) segregation, discriminatory housing patterns, inequality, and a colonial relationship with its black citizens. The only way in which that can be undone is to undo that structure with billions, perhaps trillions of dollars in investment. If that is not the approach, if that is not the mission, to place black people in the position they would be in, but for the actions taken to disenfranchise them and remove them from civil society functionally, then what are we doing but wasting our breath like many did back in 1968?

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