The Supporters of the 45th President Are ‘The Walking Dead’

The F.B.I. search is just a cover for the same hate and bigotry



Image — “Night of the Living Dead,” — George Romero, (Public Domain License)

I laugh every time I read another article about how the supporters of the 45th President are now motivated to support him. The networks are running with this garbage of a story over and over.

But, anyone supporting #45 because of the search by the F.B.I. of this place called Mar-a-Lago in Florida was going to support him anyway. They were already in his corner.

They are (and were) okay with xenophobia, authoritarianism, white supremacy, misogyny, and outright criminal conduct. None of that bothered them. This raid is just cover for their own hate. It is safe to support a vile and depraved individual openly again because of a legal raid by the government.

All of these individuals speaking up for him already supported him by the way. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio of Florida supported him. Laura Ingram of Fox News and all of Fox News supported him. Victor David Hanson, the intellectual white supremacist supports (and supported) him. And so many others.

I never, ever bought into the nonsense that he was losing support. He is everything they have always supported and wanted for this country. They will go to their graves as racist bigots and people with hate and division in their hearts and minds.

They also are standing up for a person who tried to overthrow the government on January 6, 2021. This summer, the January 6th Committee laid out the crimes of the 45th President and those who helped him try to pull off an insurrection.

I know our digital age and the constant banter of social media ruins attention spans, but the committee diligently laid out the evidence of what happened on January 6. The evidence is quite strong and there is more to come.

The mastermind of that insurrection is the 45th President.

The raid by the F.B.I. strangely enough is another thing altogether. It is another cavalier breaking of the law by this person. No one seems to care that he was again breaking the law. The highest public official in America again treated the Constitution like it is toilet paper.




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