The Trump Administration Has Been Totally Transparent and Honest About Everything

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Yikes. I guess you know now that when I wrote that headline I had a 40 oz of Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull for breakfast.

I washed it down with some Christian Brothers Brandy.

After that dynamic dietary choice, I began my research, sobered up, and wrote my latest shot in the dark commentary.

Seriously, Russian scandal or not, my recollection of the guy who is steering the ship straight to the iceberg, and who is driving us towards the Category 5 Hurricane, goes way back to the 1980’s and it is oily, seedy, slick, contemptuous, and borderline, _______ (I will let you fill in the blank).

I never expected anything but what I am seeing because I was alive when this cat was unleashed upon the free world 30 plus years ago.

It is absurd and downright nuts what we are witnessing.

But anyway, enjoy some great music and consider your options:

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