The World Does Not Need Kings Or Queens

Let humanity bring this to an end very soon



Holy Roman Emperor Charles V in the 1550s, after Titian — Public Domain

“Monarchy is pure, the sovereignty being entirely vested in the king, whose power is incapable of legal limitation. All law is a mere concession of his will, and all constitutional forms and assemblies exist entirely at his pleasure. …” (John Neville Figgis, “The Divine Right of Kings”)

When Queen Elizabeth died yesterday, I immediately said to myself: maybe this is the end, at last. No more of this fictitious monarchy.

Everyone on earth knows it is ceremonial in nature. There is nothing the King or Queen of England actually does really but yet, here we go again. Charles, the son of the Queen, is now King. God save us all.

We all know the age of monarchies is long over though human nature keeps it alive. Most European nations no longer have a king or queen that truly governs complex and sophisticated nation-states on a daily basis. Even if there is still a monarchy, it is a shell of its historical self and does little.

In Asia, this is also true though some monarchies still exist. But Japan is run by bureaucrats and politicians. China is governed by the Chinese Communist Party. Vietnam’s historical monarchy is over (though the country is run by the Communist Party). South Korea’s monarchy came to an end through Japanese imperialism. These countries, while flawed, are running on automatic pilot it seems.

Africa also still has monarchies but very few actually govern an entire country anymore. The Arab world is different as kings still rule nations and usually with an iron fist and authoritarian madness. But that is, as we all know, mostly about oil.

But bring it all to an end. It is a long time for the world, as a whole, to take another baby step towards world civilization. End the monarchies. All of them.

Of course, there are many kinds of monarchies that did exist and still do exist. All are not the same. But if the rule of a monarch does not involve people's participation in choosing their leadership (without fraud and…




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