There is some accuracy to this. It is correct that one of the President's jobs is to do exactly what you describe. Yet, another, if one chooses to accept it is to try not to let the country descend into chaos. While hte empire is disturbing as it is, so is a country that resembles Chile under Pinochet. Another is to, if one of these persons we elect one day accepts it, is to make the U.S. actually live up to its ideals that it wrote down. Millions of young people on the street right now are saying that is what they want. They don't want the empire but also don't want Trump as their leader. Both of these things exist. And when the U.S. is no longer the top dog in the world and not the #1 economic power, it will have to weigh that. Right now, it doesn't have to consider the ideals of the American experiment that were written down and then effectively ignored in actual practice. But that day is coming.

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